Dr. Paul – Omega Male Program 2014

Dr. Paul – Omega Male Program 2014

Dr. Paul – Omega Male Program 2014

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The Omega Male Seminar – 21 Audio CD Set

Includes a 119 page Workbook

Having the 21 audio cd’s you can listen whenever you want and back it up if you didn’t catch a point – you are in control…

Plus you have a 119 page workbook and shipping is free… so please order today…

Here is what is on each cd and track number:


Track One – 7th sense intro

Track Two – 7th sense background

Track Three – Alpha Male vs Omega Male

Track Four – the deadliness of passiveness

Track Five- the power of decisions

Track Six – myths and the story of your life

Track Seven – sharing a moment, OE, and being cool

Track Eight – how Observing Ego works

Track Nine – worldview, frame, and reality


Track One – a skill vs a SENSE

Track Two – past present moments and future

Track Three – how to know you’re a man

Track Four – ground rules of the system

Track Five – ground rules part II

Track Six – evolution

Track Seven – sex vs commitment

Track Eight – do opposites attract or like attract like

Track Nine – the New Man

Track Ten – the Real Men


Track One – Equal but Different

Track Two – 3 day women vs 27 day women

Track Three – Promises vs Serendipity

Track Four – Lust, Love, and Agreement

Track Five – Jealousy vs Territoriality

Track Six – What is Character

Track Seven – Neural Miscommunication

Track Eight – Psychology Maturity Imitates Evolution

Track Nine – Men Without instincts

Track Ten – Male Initiation


Track One – Hooligan Initiation

Track Two- Don’t Give Up Your Territory

Track Three – Cultural Territory

Track Four – When to Fight

Track Five – Justice With no Judge

Track Six – Timing in Dating

Track Seven – Bluebeard and the Value of Mystery

Track Eight – Lessons from ancient greeks

Track Nine- Looking good

Track Ten – Women and Bluebeard


Track One – Being Mysterious

Track Two – Being Admired and Alphaness

Track Three – Approval

Track Four – Women’s Challenge

Track Five – Body Language and Courtship

Track Six- Mystery with your Body

Track Seven- Arousal and Body Language

Track Eight – Danger Arousal and Sexual Arousal

Track Nine- Using the Face

Track Ten- Back play and Being Alpha Male


Track One- Perfect Distance in Body Language

Track Two – Alpha Male Step 2

Track Three- Smiling, Doubt, and Self Esteem

Track Four – The Power of Touch

Track Five – Marty’s testimonial

Track Six – Marty’s testimonial

Track Seven – Marty’s testimonial

Track Eight – Marty’s testimonial

Track Nine – Marty’s testimonial


Track One – State Your Name Maturity

Track Two – The Truth is Unstoppable

Track Three- Men and Women, Rank vs Belonging

Track Four – Power is Relative!

Track Five – Passing Her Tests

Track Six – Beliefs and Conversation

Track Seven – Social Feedback

Track Eight – Beliefs and Socializing

Track Nine – Tolerating Rejection

Track Ten – In Field Review and Pickup Line Game


Track One – How to Make Conversation

Track Two – Dominance and Snake oil

Track Three – FRIENDSHIP, rank, and belonging

Track Four – Courteously Commanding

Track Five – All the Women’s Tests

Track Six – A Guy Who Doesn’t Get It

Track Seven – Don’t Be a Woman’s Son

Track Eight – Fear of Approaching Women

Track Nine – Permission to Be a Man and Not Do THIS


Track One – Competition with other men

Track Two – A new phase of relating to women no one else is teaching

Track Three – Rank

Track Four – Value, Lust, and Love

Track Five – Anger Mgt

Track Six – Aggression

Track Seven – Assertiveness vs Aggression and Depression

Track Eight – Well-Being, Grief, and Healing

Track Nine – Stress, Impulsiveness and Fight or Flight


Track One – Addiction and Masochism

Track Two – Victim-Thinking vs Courage

Track Three – COURAGE

Track Four – KWML

Track Five – Kings, Queens, and Warriors

Track Six – Magicians and Lovers

Track Seven – False Self vs Authenticity

Track Eight – The Four Temperaments in Bed

CD-11 KWML and Guest Speakers

Track One – Jon the Warrior

Track Two – Jon the Warrior

Track Three – Jon the Warrior

Track Four – Jon the Warrior

Track Five – Josh the Lover

Track Six – Josh the Lover

Track Seven – Josh the Lover

Track Eight – Josh the Lover

Track Nine – Josh the Lover

Track Ten – Josh the Lover

Track Eleven – Josh the Lover

CD-12 KWML and Guest Speakers

Track One – KWML demo

Track Two – king magician demo

Track Three – king magician demo

Track Four – king pitfalls

Track Five – KWML Q and A

Track Six – lovers

Track Seven – lovers and warriors

Track Eight – warriors

Track Nine – warrior Q and A

CD-13 Day II Reputation Management

Track One – warrior conclusions

Track Two – reputation mgt

Track Three – reputation mgt

Track Four – reputation mgt

Track Five – reputation mgt

Track Six – reputation mgt

Track Seven – reputation mgt

Track Eight – reputation mgt

Track Nine – reputation mgt

Track Ten – reputation mgt

Track Eleven – reputation mgt


Track One – quantum psychology

Track Two – KWML Q and A

Track Three – KWML symbols

Track Four – jungian psychology

Track Five – pop culture KWML

Track Six – pop culture KWML part II

Track Seven – unhealthy lover


Track One – unhealthy Lover II

Track Two – lowering other mens alpha status

Track Three – unhealthy magician

Track Four – unhealthy magician

Track Five – KWML in the social field


Track One – Categorizing people

Track Two – KWML review

Track Three – Psychologic age does not match chronologic age

Track Four – KWML and self-esteem type

Track Five – Life is an Experiment

Track Six – anatomy of beliefs

Track Seven – three phases of courtship

Track Eight – field case review

Track Nine – field case review

Track Ten – story about harvesting your destructiveness


Track One – Story of Psyche

Track Two – Story of Psyche

Track Three – Story of Parcival

Track Four – Your Life is About You

Track Five – Online Dating

Track Six – Online Dating

Track Seven – Online Dating

Track Eight – Online Dating

Track Nine – Online Dating


Track One – Keeping Commitments

Track Two – Story of He, She, and We

Track Three -The Personal Boundary

Track Four – Boundary Identity, Stress, and Strength

Track Five – Boundary Control and Responsibility

Track Six – Strength and Courage in Commitment

Track Seven – Preferences, Codependence and Commitment

Track Eight – Beating Codependence and Being High Maintenance

Track Nine – Being in Denial and Recognizing Immature Women


Track One – Perfection is Destructive

Track Two – Strength and Oversensitive Women

Track Three – Respect Your Own Circle

Track Four – Interdependence, Near-Perfection in Relationships

Track Five – Mature Communication

Track Six – Codependence and Time Management

Track Seven – Budgeting with Boundary Doors and Strength

Track Eight – Ideal Intimacy and Phi


Track One – Relationships vs death

Track Two – facing death

Track Three – deciding to change

Track Four – Courage to Change Beliefs

Track Five – Beliefs as Filters of Reality

Track Six – intellectual sexuality

Track Seven – The RIGHT Woman for a Relationship

Track Eight – Ethics vs Shrewdness


Track One – The Surprising Process of Growing Omega

Track Two – Ego Defenses as an ultimate woman’s man

Track Three – SENDING to a woman

Track Four – Being too Naive

Track Five – The Count of Monte Cristo

Track Six – The 7th Sense

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