Carlos Xuma – The Girlfriend Training Program

Carlos Xuma – The Girlfriend Training Program

Carlos Xuma – The Girlfriend Training Program

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Are You Scared To Go After

That Girl You Really Like?

Discover How To “Train” Her

To Never Lose Attraction For You,

All The Crazy Sex You Want –

With NO Drama…!

Dear Friend…

“Training” a girl to never lose her attraction? Getting all the sex with none of the drama?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Guess what? It’s NOT.

And I’m going to prove it right here on this page to you.

Look – have you ever lost a girl you were really into?

OR are you afraid you’ll lose the right one when she comes along?

Remember when you were out with that hot, sexy, funny chick? She was cute and cool. No games or weirdness at all.

You had a good feeling about this one. You couldn’t wait to have her meet your friends. You even found yourself planning stuff in the future to do with her.

And Then, Before It Even Started

– It Was OVER…

She lost interest and stopped calling.

She was gone.

And you don’t even know what the hell happened. It feels like someone pulled the rug out from under you and then pushed you down a flight of stairs.

And now you’re afraid that you’ll meet The One for you…

… and it will happen all over again.

It’s much more agonizing to lose a woman you’ve got than it is to just mess up an approach with a girl you barely know or care about.

What Will You Do If You

Run Into HER Tomorrow…?

Look, really, what if you run into HER tomorrow…?

You know – The Right One for you. Do you know what to do right from the very start so you don’t lose her?

  • Have you ever had a woman whose interest just started to fizzle out slowly, and after a while she just stopped being available – and then disappeared completely?
  • Have you ever been dating some chick that you thought was INCREDIBLE… but the drama was driving you up a wall? Or she just started taking you for granted – like you were just a walking wallet to her…?
  • Have you had a girlfriend, only to have the sex slow down and then grind to a complete halt, and she eventually ends up breaking up with you?
  • Have you had to dump chick after chick because she was either weird, crazy, or just plain boring to be around?
  • Are you constantly disappointed by the women you meet – and you want to know how to find the right one for you? Without wasting days, months, YEARS with the wrong one?

You’re not alone.

I’ve had all of these things happen to me, and over the years I’ve coached thousands of guys with similar problems. You meet a girl, things get going, and then for one reason or another (you never figure out exactly why), it all comes to an end.

And you know what else?

It’s not your fault!

Women have been training guys from the very first date to shape and “mold” you into the kind of boyfriend they think they can wrap around their finger. And you probably had NO idea it was happening to you!

Women have been training guys for years…

  • You leave voicemail messages and then wait for hours for a call back…
  • She gets you to take her to dinners and watch “chick flicks”…
  • She rewards you with sex when you buy her jewelry or gifts…
  • You’re the contestant on HER game show!

Why don’t you turn it around like this?

  • Get her to take YOU out for dinners…
  • Have her calling you up to invite you over for a late-night “booty call”…
  • Get her to setup your “guys night out” at the strip club…
  • Knowing for sure that she’s ignoring any other guys that hit on her, and telling them she’s taken…
  • Have her show up at your work bringing you lunch – and a little gift she bought you…

Doesn’t that sound much better to you? It does to me.

Stay with me here, because that’s what I’m going to show you how to do:

  • How to keep your girlfriend attracted to you – and into you…
  • How to make women happy…
  • The secrets for how to start a relationship up with a woman the right way…
  • What to look for in a girlfriend – and what women to avoid…
  • How to make sure she NEVER cheats on you…
  • How to save your girlfriend if you start feeling her slip away…
  • How to keep her satisfied in the bedroom – so that she never wants anyone else but you…


…If you truly want more attention, more respect, and more sex – without all the drama and heartache that most guys experience, then you simply must drop what you’re doing and devour the liberating information revealed below!

You’ve Met Your Dream Girl . . .

Start It Off With Her Right &

Train Her Correctly

And She Will Take Care Of You!

Most guys do NOT know how to start things up so their girlfriend will be worry and drama-free, and everything is on autopilot

…they don’t know how to start things with a girlfriend that’ll give them the kind of sex, attention, and freedom they dream about – it’s just not something most guys can figure out on their own!

And it takes more than just common sense to choose a girlfriend and start a relationship…

Relying on common sense with women is a Sure-Fire Death Sentence!

Or Are You Already Trained?

I want to tell you something that you might find shocking – or maybe you suspected all along:

Did you know that women are training you?

It’s true. Women even use that exact word when they talk about it.


Before you get mad about that, let me share something else with you:

If What These Girls Said

Doesn’t Piss You Off, Nothing Will…

My girlfriend told me about a conversation she had with some of her girlfriends over coffee a few days ago.

Here – listen in on their conversation:

Megan: “So you’re saying that you got your boyfriend – that big macho guy – to do all the cooking and cleaning in your house?”

Claire: “Yup! It’s great. I can go out and just have fun with the girls. Just like right now. Oh, and you know what the best part is?”

Megan:“He’ll give you a massage when you get home?” (Laughs)

Claire: “Probably! But that’s not it. Get this – he even walks my dog, Precious, for me. He wanted to go with his friends to a Giants game today, but I convinced him to watch Precious instead.”

Megan: “Wow! You’ve got him trained well!” (Laughs)

Claire: “Tell me about it!” (Laughs)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, their giggles were not the warm, loving laughter of women who cherish and admire their men.

No, it was the laughter of women who were celebrating Claire “pulling one over” on her boyfriend.

And all of the other women laughed because they wished they could train their boyfriends just like she did.

This isn’t the exception – this is pretty much the rule with every woman out there.

Guys Get Stuck In These Nightmares All The Time…

What About YOU?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Do you find yourself thinking that your girlfriend is just fine – everything seems to be just great – and then out of nowhere she tells you she’s “not happy” – or she just wants to “take a break”?
  • Have you ever had a girlfriend who just stopped being as interested in sex? Things got slower and slower, colder and colder… until you were lucky to get any at all?
  • Do you get angry at women for being mean, playing dirty, always sending you mixed signals, warm to you one minute and cold the next, manipulating you? Do you want to put an end to the bullsh*t games and tests that never seem to end?
  • You want to finally understand what a woman wants and what’s going on inside her head, so that you can stop struggling just to communicate and keep things going with her? Other guys can do it – and you’ve seen it happen, so you know it’s possible…
  • Do you have trouble finding women that live up to your requirements or standards?
  • Do you always find yourself playing a game of “WHAT HAPPENED?” when you consistently miss – or misread – a woman’s signals? Don’t you wish you could know what she’s thinking – so you fix things before she gets pissed at you?
  • Ever wish you could have a complete blueprint for how you could completely control the relationship so you were never surprised or blindsided by a woman again? You could ELIMINATE all the turmoil and drama for good. FLIP the power back into your hands?

I bet you’ve had one of those situations happen to you at one time or another. Girlfriends are cool, but no one really tells you what it takes to keep her, keep her happy, and keep her addicted like a junkie to pull you back into bed with her – again and again.

So now what you need to do is:

Turn These 4 Toughest Challenges

With Women Into 4 Easy Victories…

Most guys have challenges with women – that’s no secret. And there are FOUR big areas where we find it hard to deal with girlfriends:

1) Starting up a relationship

This is all about getting her into you enough to want to see you – and ONLY you. And eventually – maybe – even fall in love with you. It’s that feeling of control and power at the start that you want to keep forever. And it’s also about knowing which women to choose and which to leave behind.

You want her as your “YES!” girl, right? Always says YES when you call her to ask her out.

2) Keeping her walking on air – happy and totally attracted to you

You want to keep her into you, and even obsessed and addicted to you if possible. This also includes keeping the sex hot and fun and knowing how to satisfy her at a physical level. It’s that seemingly magical ability to delight a woman and keep her excited to be with you.

3) Understanding what she’s thinking – and knowing how to deal with different types of women

This is all about knowing how to read different women, and not get caught unaware or off-guard. It’s also about knowing if she’s the right one for you, and how to avoid the women that are wrong for you.

4) Handling conflicts and arguments

And this skill is all about how to communicate and connect with women – and how to fix things when there’s a problem. It’s also about how to read a woman’s signals, and how to recover when you blow it.

This all might sound like some kind of fantasy or something, but I’m here to tell you that you can actually master these abilities with women – so that you never have to feel like you’re the one being “trained,” your girlfriend is always hot and attracted to you like a fly to honey, and you never need to worry about her leaving you for some other guy.

Do You Really Want To Be “Chained”

To Your Girl…?

You don’t really want a “relationship” that takes tons of effort and pain to make it work.

You want an abundant LIFESTYLE with NO drama.

And that’s where I come in.

I’ll show you the unconventional path that lets you work less and get more from the women in your life (lots more). If you’ve already got a girlfriend, you’ll take what you have and push it through to levels you’ve only dreamed of ‘til now. And that’s not fluff – I’ve done it for just about any kind of guy out there.

If you don’t have a girlfriend yet – you will discover how to choose the best possible woman for you – and start it right so that the attraction never burns out.

Because the best solution is to…

“Train” Her Right From The Start

And Take The Power Back Into YOUR Hands…

Look, I often talk about this process of starting and keeping things going with your girlfriend as being like “girlfriend training.” I realize this can be shocking for some guys to hear, so I want to explain that it’s not negative or derogatory in any way. It’s simply a fact of life.

What I’m talking about is that training your girlfriend is just an educational process. You get to discover how women work, and she gets to learn how YOU work…

…and more importantly, she learns how to respect and admire you as a MAN.

Without those two elements of respect and admiration, she’s going to always want something else.



Most Guys Don’t Realize This

Truth About Women – And Then They

LOSE Every Time…

Ask any woman and she will confirm it: Women are always “in the game.”

She’s always got a guy (or two) on the line that she can go out with on a moment’s notice. She may or may not be interested in him, but she’s got her ‘orbiters’ waiting for a chance to take her out.

You know that woman you just met and got her phone number? Maybe you even have a date setup?

I hate to tell you this, but she’s seeing her “other guys” right now, too. You probably think she’s this sweet, lonely girl who sits home and watches cable in her fuzzy pajamas, but she’s not. She’s screening several guys at once.

You’re just another contestant on the “Who Gets Her?” game show, friend.

So you have to be ON your game when you want to make her your girlfriend – because options are waiting for her. THAT is why women can be so interested one minute and then totally flake out and disappear on you the next. She’s just exercising her options.

And you got eliminated.

The truth is that everything starts with knowing fire things up with a woman – to make her your girlfriend. To get the attraction going, and get her interested in you, to the point where she finds you hypnotically sexy – she’s completely turned on around you, and always looking forward to you asking her out again and again.

And if you don’t get it started up right with her, you’re going to need this:

How To Avoid The 4 Most Painful Words

A Woman Can Say…

She’ll go out with you for a date that you spent a butt-load of time planning and arranging, only to have her tell you (after you ate out at that expensive restaurant, of course):

“Let’s just be friends…”

Ever heard a woman say that? It’s like being punched in the stomach with a bowling ball.

The hell with that! You don’t want “just friends” – you want freaky passionate sexy fun.

But she’s really hot, so you think: “Hmmm… Friends is better than nothing, I guess.”

So you go along with it, hoping to sneak in the back door and prove to her she should be your girlfriend. Only she keeps pushing you further and further away, until you’re just another person she complains to about how there’s “no good men out there.”


“What about ME???” you want to scream at her.

Guys get sucked into this trap with women all the time, and it’s about as fun as five hours in the dentist’s chair getting your teeth pulled out. I’m going to show you how to avoid this disaster in just a second.

But there is one situation that’s worse, and this one happens a lot more than we want to admit. Let’s say you manage to avoid the friends-only zone with her and you get her to date you…

WARNING: Your Girlfriend Will

Lose Interest In You Until She Either

Dumps You Or Cheats On You – UNLESS…

It doesn’t start out this way, of course. It’s always seems great in the beginning.

You’re hot for her & she’s hot for you. You just can’t keep your hands off each other.

But then you call her up one day and she tells you she’s feeling a little “under the weather.” Maybe she’s got a “friend” visiting her from out of town.

Whatever the excuse is, and a lot of times the reason is even true, she purposely let that reason get in the way of YOU, my friend. And when you’re not a priority to her, you’re in deep trouble.

And then things never seem to recover after that.

She eventually either pushes you away so hard that you have to break up with her, or eventually she dumps you.

I know this sounds harsh, but it’s a pattern that goes on ALL the time with men and women.

The 6 Warning Signs That

You’re About To Be Eliminated…

The pattern goes like this:

  1. You start out hot and heavy, and everything seems great. You’re both excited and attracted to each other. This is when it feels great to be around her. Time flies by and you wish you could just be with her all the time.
  2. Then something changes… All of a sudden, when you hang out she isn’t as bubbly or fun anymore. You feel her cool off. She’s just not as “into it” as she once was.
  3. She stops being interested in your life and what’s going on with you…
  4. The sex slows down, or even disappears completely…
  5. She cools off and stops calling you. You wind up being the one doing all the work to try to make her happy – but nothing works…
  6. She gets annoyed with you more easily and makes excuses to not see you…

What usually happens at this point is that you become worried and paranoid of losing her. Then you try harder and harder to win her back.

And you know what she does next?

She pushes you away even harder. You know you’re caught up in a losing battle, sliding down the hill faster and faster – but you just want to save things and keep her as your girlfriend.

And Then It Turns Into A NIGHTMARE…

  • She starts flirting with other guys…
  • She starts disrespecting you…
  • She starts getting more bitchy, criticizing, and controlling…

And if you don’t break it off with her by now, the worst thing in the world happens: She cheats on you…

…or finally she just dumps you.

It doesn’t matter if she’s someone you just met, or your new girlfriend, or the woman you’ve been with for 5 years, or the woman you’re married to.

Women let you think that you won them, then they will start losing interest in you the minute you start ACTING like you’ve won her.

You should read that last sentence again. It’s critical.

Look, maybe you’re not getting dumped…

What If You’re Just Trying

To Find A QUALITY Girlfriend?

There’s also the other side of the coin – maybe you’re trying to find a woman that’s WORTH staying with, and you end up having to break up and keep looking – over and over again.

Well, most of this problem, as well as the problem of keeping a girlfriend, comes back around to those same hot-buttons for attraction. You can actually inspire a woman to be on her best behavior with you – and rise up to your standards, instead of becoming a nagging drama queen.

Most of being successful with women is knowing what qualities to look for, and how to deal with every kind of woman you meet along the way. Some you can have as “play” girlfriends, and some women you might want for long-term girlfriends or more.

But if you don’t know how to understand women’s psychology and choose well right from the very start, you’re in for a rough ride.

There are also a TON of “Red Flags” you need to watch out for – warning signs that a woman is bad news. Missing those clues could leave you rocketing off the edge of a very tall cliff.

Don’t forget that when you do meet a high-quality woman, you need to know how to keep her interested in you. These quality women are harder to find – and they respond to very different behaviors than the women you meet in some bar before closing time.

You gotta be her “Mr. Right” – right from the very start.

The fact of the situation is that…

Women Get Away With This

Because Most Guys LET Them!

It’s not because we’re aren’t good guys. It’s because we just don’t know how to stop the slippery slide down the hill once it starts.

The reason women go through this pattern with men – almost the exact same way each time – is because she’s expecting YOU to set the boundaries of the relationship for her so she knows where “out of bounds” is. (There’s an art to this, and I’m going to explain how it works in a minute.)

Ultimately, we all train other people how to treat us. They learn how to manipulate and control us, and then they lose all respect for us.

It’s not like this all the time with your friends, but it happens ALL THE TIME with girlfriends.

One of the biggest tests a woman gives is to give you enough rope to see if you’ll really hang yourself. And – unfortunately – most guys do. I’ve got scars from it… I suspect you might, too.

So if women are training men like this, how can you expect to win?

It All Comes Down To THIS

Attraction On Autopilot:

Keeping your girl on “Autopilot Attraction” is simply knowing the secrets of the 3 Girlfriend Skills:

Secret 1) Select.

You have to choose a girlfriend well, or no amount of skills can help you if you get in over your head. You have to know the important things that she must have to be your girlfriend, and you better know what red flags and qualities you do NOT want.

Secret 2) Startup.

You have to know how to take it from casually dating a woman to turn her into your girlfriend. Most romances just fade and fizzle out – and if you don’t know what to do to take it from just “seeing her” to make her your girlfriend – you’re just going to lose another one.

Secret 3) Sustain.

Once you’ve got her, you have to know what to do to KEEP her attracted and interested in you. You already know what happens when you don’t know how to sustain it.

The big secret is that women are attracted to a set of specific emotional triggers and hot-buttons that men can find and push. They actually want you to push them so that they know you can “unlock” her heart. These are the things that sustain the attraction.

And the opposite is also true: There are a set of specific behaviors that men do that completely DESTROY a woman’s attraction for him.

Statistically speaking – and from my experience in coaching men of all ages and in all backgrounds, it’s very likely you are doing these attraction destroyers.Unintentionally, but doing them anyway – and driving women away.

It’s not your fault; it’s just that women are not good at communicating what they really want from men.

And you have to realize:

95% Of Men Will Never Discover

These Secrets About Women

Women are different than men. (I know, that’s obvious…)

And unless you understand how they work, you will probably meet the same horrible fate as millions and millions of men do every year: painful breakups, divorce, or cheating that you might not find out about for months or years. And unlike women, these tragic situations leave men emotionally scarred and afraid of risking their hearts again with women.

Look, let’s be real here: Women are a complete mystery to most men.

  • They’re emotional…
  • They’re irrational…
  • They say one thing, mean another – and then do something completely different…
  • They want what they can’t have…
  • They run hot and cold on you for no reason at all, or get mad at you for the slightest thing…

They don’t work like guys. Women are complex and crazy. I like to think they’re fun, too, but when you’re in the agony of losing your girlfriend, that’s just not on your mind. You just want to know how to keep her attracted to you.

But here’s the part you really need to know:

Women are understandable, and your girlfriend can be handled so that you avoid the pain and the drama.

Remember: Women work on an “emotional logic.”

This emotional logic is predictable, and you can use it to keep your girlfriend happy, attracted to you, and ONLY you.

OR you can keep falling into bad romance after bad romance because you’re not using it to your advantage.

After all…

Why Is It Always About Making HER Happy?

What About Making YOU Happy…?

Most of the covers of the magazines and the books tell you that everything has to be about making the WOMAN happy. Well, listen, I’m not going to tell you that this is a bad thing. Not at all – it’s absolutely necessary (and very easy to do when you know WHAT to do.)

But what most of those books and articles never talk about is how to make the MAN happy.

Don’t you deserve to be as happy as she is? Shouldn’t this happiness be shared?

Guys don’t need another lame relationship self-help book by some doctor who’s been divorced seven times.

Besides most relationship self-help books are written for women. And usually she gets one of these to “fix” her unhappiness and discontent. Your girl might read it and hope you’ll be interested and want to read it with her, but that’s not the way guys are.

We just need a simple guide to understanding women and female psychology.

You’ve put all this energy into going out and meeting women, approaching women, getting phone numbers, going out on dates… Hours and hours learning how to attract women the right way.

Now why would you let all that effort and pain go to waste by letting it crumble away beneath you?

Well the answer is: If you knew how, you wouldn’t let that happen.

Because the reality is that:

Keeping A Girlfriend

Is Not The Same As Seducing Her –

Or Working “Pickup” On Her…

The fact is that the skills you need to “pickup” a woman or seduce her will not help you keep her as your girlfriend. The one thing most guys might not admit – but they long for – is that they actually want a girlfriend.

We don’t want to go out every weekend to noisy bars hoping to “pick up” some girl who we will probably never see again.

– We want to have someone we can sit home and watch movies with…

– We want a girlfriend to go out and have fun with…

– We want someone to have some amazing intimate “adventures” in the bedroom with…

– We want a woman who will accept us for who we are…

– We want a girlfriend who will support us and lift us up…

Just trying to get ONE girlfriend is hard enough. Trying to find a new girlfriend every few weeks just becomes tiring after a while.

Wait… Who am I kidding?

It’s downright EXHAUSTING to try and find a new girlfriend.

So these “seduction” skills won’t help you when you need to keep her interested and attracted to you as your girlfriend. And they also won’t stop her from straying if you don’t pay attention and “train her” correctly.

Now, when I say “train her” I really mean “educate her,” right? We men have to show her how we want to be treated.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You meet a woman, and you get her phone number. You get a date, and maybe you go out a few times, but you can’t get anywhere with her.


You go out on a date or two with her, but she winds up telling you she wants to “just be friends.”


Maybe you’ve had girlfriends before – and they all seem to end the same way: You feel that sinking fear in your stomach that she’s starting to lose interest in you. She becomes more disapproving every day, and the attraction fades out and dies…


Your current girlfriend is starting to take over the relationship, and now you’re on a wild ride down some rapids that will probably dump you out of the raft and have you swimming for your life…

You don’t need a crystal ball to see what’s coming, right?

You just want your girl back. The way things were at the start.

You want control back.

And you want to stop feeling like you’re about to go over the waterfalls in a barrel…

All you want is a girlfriend that you can:

  • Attract – right from the start…
  • Turn her into your girlfriend without all the flaking and games…
  • Keep her attracted to you and addicted to being with you…
  • Keep her respecting you and admiring you…
  • Keep the sex fun, exciting, and frequent
  • Get rid of all the emotional drama – and you “wear the pants”…
  • And never fear losing her to another man…

Now this next part is going to shock you:

Here Is An Ugly Truth That

Women Don’t Want You To Know About…

Most guys don’t know this, but it’s a fact: Women cheat as much as men do.

If you listen to all the urban myths out there, they would have you believe that men are the dogs, always cheating on women, right? Well the fact is that not only do women cheat, but women cheat on men as much as – if not more than – men do.

And it’s increasing every year. More and more women are seeking the comfort and warmth of another man – someone that is NOT her boyfriend. Chances are that he won’t ever find out about it, even after she breaks up with him.

Why is this?

The simple fact is that women can hide their dirty secrets much better than men can. And women are quick to tell others when men cheat ON them. But men almost never reveal the embarrassing, humiliating truth when it happens TO them. After all, having your woman two-time you is the most painful thing that can happen to a guy.

Here’s another ugly truth: As many as 1 in 25 (and possibly as high as 1 in 10) of all children are NOT the biological child of the “father.”

That’s right.

As many as 4 – 10% of all men are unknowingly raising another man’s child.

“…researchers in Liverpool found that rates of cases where a man was not the biological father of his child ranged … to as much as 30%.*

I don’t know if I believe that it’s quite as high as 30%, but even 1 in 10 is way too high of a chance to take. I know you don’t want to be a “duped dad” and fall into this trap – and the good news is that it never has to happen to you.

I’m going to tell you something you need to know:

I’ve Got “Insider” Info On Why Your Woman

Will Cheat On You Or Dump You

For Some Other Guy…

I’m going to reveal to you something that I’m not proud of. But it’s something you should know about, and it’s why I’m warning you about this situation.

Over the 20+ years of dating I’ve experienced, I’ve also had a few flings with women that already had boyfriends. And one or two that were … shhh… married.

Hey, I’m not proud of that. It’s not cool to do what I did, and I learned my lesson. I also don’t condone that guys do this, either.

In my defense, though, many of these women didn’t even tell me they had a boyfriend (or hubby) until after we started seeing each other.

So I’m here to tell you from EXPERIENCE why it is that women cheat on their boyfriends and husbands. I’ve laid next to them in bed as they talk about their “loser boyfriends” (her words, not mine) and why it is she actually enjoyed sneaking around on him like this.

Not all women will cheat on you. Some women will simply have the decency to break up with you first.


She Was Taking A “Test Drive”

On The Side Before She Traded You In

For Her Next “Ride…”

I learned from a great many women that months before she actually breaks up with a guy, she’s already over him in her head – and in her heart. And very often they’ve already lined up the next guy.

So she’s got an emotional life raft. What have you got?

The really amazing thing was when these women told me that it would never have come to this point if the guys had just seen the signs and taken action just a little bit sooner. Women are unfaithful only because she wants more from her boyfriend or husband than she’s getting.

(I’m going to show you what those signs are, by the way. Because if you don’t know how to spot the signals when they show up, you’re as good as dead.)


You Can Have Your “Sex Kitten”

Every guy wants a woman that he can enjoy in the bedroom, and have her practically tearing his clothes off for sex on a regular basis.

Women are instinctively programmed to respond to certain sexual triggers, too. The problem is that they are NOT the same as the ones that you respond to.

Women will eventually lose interest in sex with you… unless you know what steps to take to prevent it. Fortunately it’s easy to keep the intimacy alive and make sure your sex life is still electric and hot.

When you give a woman the right environment within your relationship, she will simply want sex more than you do. She will crave you, and become almostaddicted to the pleasure of sleeping with you.

She will be the woman who says “YES” to you all the time – instead of “no.”

By now, I’m sure you want to know what this is all about, right?


“The Girlfriend Training Program”

After years of learning the art of attraction with women, back in 2002 I released my first book on the subject: The Dating Black Book. I wanted this book to help guys become successful with women and dating.

And for the last 9 YEARS, I’ve been working on all the tips for this program I’ve just completed: The Girlfriend Training Program. It’s a “stealth” dating program that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your relationships with women.

This is the pinnacle of my teachings, because it takes all the attraction tips, tactics, and techniques that you’ve used so far to get things started with a woman and focuses them like a laser beam on the goal of being able to actually KEEP any woman interested in you.

For a night, or for a lifetime, it will now be up to you what happens with her. For the short and long-term.

Finally, you can know all the secret strategies that the guys with beautiful, desirable wives know about. These guys know that their women are hot properties and if they drop the ball for one second, she’s got options lined up around the block. These guys have a skill for keeping their women trained to feel attraction for him – 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

And in case you’re thinking it’s because he’s either A) rich, B) good looking, or C) kisses her ass to win her approval – NO, that’s not it at all.

This program was also shaped by the questions and suggestions from over 10,000 guys just like you. I took the most common questions, and The Girlfriend Training Program will give you these secrets:

  • How To Keep Your Girlfriend Attracted To You And Into You
  • Show you how to understand a woman’s thinking and “emotional” nature
  • Understand all the different types of women – and how you deal with them
  • Know how to make a woman happy
  • The secrets for how to start a relationship up with a woman the right way
  • What to look for in a girlfriend – and what to avoid!
  • How to make sure she never cheats on you
  • How to handle any arguments or conflicts so that you never lose or feel emasculated
  • How to save your girlfriend if you start feeling her slip away
  • How to break up with your girlfriend without guilt or pain
  • How to keep her satisfied in the bedroom – sex secrets and tips that guarantee she won’t refuse you – ever.






Here’s What You Get:

You’ll get over 9 hours of video where I will explain and show you all the secrets of how to take any woman in your life right now and transform her into your girlfriend…

  • Discover the one principle that most men never understand, and as a result they end up feeling confused and uncertain with women for most of their lives…
  • There are a lot of myths and mistakes in a lot of the “self-help” books on the bookshelves today. I’ll explain why these books are damaging and almost catastrophic to men who want to learn how to understand their girlfriends – so you can avoid the traps…
  • It’s a well-documented fact that women initiate over two thirds of all divorces – and those statistics are even scarier for breakups in dating. You’ll uncover WHY this happens, and how you can avoid it from ever happening to you…
  • Having a girlfriend can be a blessing or a curse – and I’ll show you why you want one (or don’t want one)…
  • Why men have a tougher time being “in a relationship” than women do – and why men are usually the ones that are much more devastated when the woman breaks up with him…
  • The reality of “Love” – I’ll explain the real reason we fall in love and become addicted to love – so you can use this understanding to get women to fall for YOU (instead of it always being the other way around…)
  • Ever been “addicted to love”? Well I’m going to help you stop falling for women you shouldn’t, too…
  • The deadliest romantic illusion of all, and most everyone you know – even yourself – probably believes this one. I’ll show you exactly how to bust this one and wake up from the dream that scares off more girlfriends than you can imagine…
  • One of the biggest mistakes that men make with women that virtually guarantees she will never want to be your girlfriend – and it’s so obvious that most guys miss it all the time and destroy their chances…
  • The complete three-step method that virtually guarantees that you will avoid 90% of the drama and tension and conflict in a relationship…
  • Why punishing a woman never really works, and often seals your doom with her instead – and the alternative that ensures you get what you want from your woman without any pain…
  • A drop-dead simple exercise that takes only five minutes that will illuminate the reasons why you may have been struggling to find a woman and keep her attracted to you…
  • You’ll discover the best way to figure out which woman will meet your criteria for a girlfriend – and which ones you’ll want to keep long-term, and avoid the pain of making a poor choice in character that will haunt you down the road…
  • Six CRITICAL traits you must screen for in the women you date or you will never be completely happy with your girlfriend – and the ONE mistake that can either make or break your happiness with a woman…
  • The eight indicators to look out for that this woman should be avoided at all costs! These are traits that men miss all the time and wind up in the “hurt locker” because of it. You’ll be able to spot them in advance and avoid them…
  • The five essential compatibility elements that a man needs in his girlfriend. Without them, you’ll always be looking for someone else – and with them you’ll have the best foundation for peace and joy with a woman…
  • The eight types of women to watch out for that will drown you in misery…
  • The 26 Red Flags – the tell-tale signals that a woman has the potential to go sour on you. I’ll explain them all and what you need to watch out for – as well as why these Red Flags are deadly… (Number 9 is one that men miss all the time and wind up with a battle-axe…)
  • The ONE critical trait you must put at the top of your list to ensure that you get a happy and enjoyable woman in your life. If you don’t get this one, it simply will NOT work for you…
  • My 6-step screening process that you can use on any woman to filter out the good from the bad in half the time and effort…
  • I’ve had a couple long-distance relationships in my past. I’m going to show you the truth about long-distance relationships – and why most of them do not succeed. BUT I’ll also explain the 3-step plan for how you can make this arrangement work for you…
  • The 5 Killer Myths that keep men from succeeding with their girlfriends. I’ll blow these wide open and save you years of heartbreak with women simply by avoiding these traps…
  • Have you ever been so obsessed with a woman that you just couldn’t stop thinking about her? To the point where it actually probably helped scare her off? I’ll show you how to avoid this kind of destructive “one-itis” and still be able to win her over…
  • There’s one thing that guys misunderstand about how to start a relationship with a woman, and I’ll expose this one for you – because it’s the one thing you may have been avoiding in your dating that has actually put you into the “friend’s zone…”
  • 11 Milestones with your girlfriend that you should watch for so you know when you’re making progress (or SHE is making progress!)
  • I’ve got an 8-step plan for you to transition a woman from just casually dating into making her your girlfriend, and I’ll teach you all of them – as well as the three things every man has to do to never be caught off guard by his girlfriend ever again…
  • There are 7 critical girlfriend skills that every man must have – and very few actually know what they are (which is why so many guys have problems keeping a woman happy.) I’ll explain these skills to you, along with which one is most important to your happiness (and hers)…
  • Handling the “L Word”: There are some rules about how it should be used – because most guys use it too often, in the wrong way, and for the wrong reasons. I’ll explain exactly how to avoid the big mistakes when love comes into the picture…
  • The one emotional control signal that women are looking for before they will become your girlfriend – and how it works to keep her interested and attracted by you for good…
  • There are six kinds of problems you’ll typically have with women. I’ll explain each one of them and how you handle them so that you never have to worry about “land mines” catching you off guard…
  • One of the biggest of the six problems is money – and you need to have this one firmly under your control. I’ll give you four ways to ensure you don’t wind up with a gold-digger that uses you up and throws you away…
  • How to handle any bad behavior from a woman so that you a) don’t seem like a jerk, and b) stop it before it becomes a real problem…
  • Worried that your girlfriend might be thinking of leaving? I will give you four warning signs that she’s getting ready to check out so that you don’t get dumped unexpectedly…
  • BONUS: Cheat Proof Your Relationship – In this section, you’ll discover the 8 Primary Reasons women cheat – and exactly how to avoid this kind of devastating heartbreak…
  • Cheating! Why she does it, how to handle it, and how to avoid it from EVER happening to you. After you finish this section of the program, you’ll never have to worry about a woman stepping out on you and you’ll completely cheat-proof your relationship…
  • Trust is one of the essential ingredients your girlfriend needs. Without it, you can’t hope to keep her. I’ll show you how to create it by making sure you pass all her tests along the way. She will definitely test you – and I’ll explain the 5 most common tests, along with how you handle all tests a woman gives you…
  • Testing isn’t just for women. I’ll give you my 3 solid gold techniques for how to test your girlfriend to make sure you’re getting a reliable and trustable woman…
  • Keeping her addicted to you is the core of what I teach, and I’m going to share 12 simple secrets for keeping your girlfriend attracted and downright addicted to you so that she never disrespects you or leaves you for some other guy – AND you will avoid all the trust and jealousy issues you see other couples having…
  • The principle part of keeping a woman attracted and interested in you is making her obsessed with you so that there is no way she would even consider another man. I’ll show you my 9 step technique that is so controversial I can’t name it here – but you won’t believe how powerful and effective this is for keeping a woman completely passionate about you…
  • Familiarity kills attraction. You’ll discover 4 ways to keep her from feeling like she knows you “too well” and stops her from ever being bored with you…
  • The one thing you can never show a woman in your behavior. If you do, she tests you more, pushes your buttons more, and eventually leaves. If you keep this under control, you will not only maintain her trust, but she will never want to leave you…
  • 8 Ways to keep your girlfriend into you – including my “joker card” technique for never being caught off-guard with a woman ever again. It’s just like a “get out of jail free” card for you…
  • COMPETITION! How do you handle other guys? I’ll show you how to completely destroy this problem and never have to worry about other guys stealing your woman away from you…
  • How to read a woman’s heart and mind before she pulls something crazy on you: There are four critical signals you must watch for with a woman. If you miss these, you’ll wind up in one of those embarrassing and painful episodes with your girlfriend that you wish you could have avoided. Now you can!
  • How to handle and manage your girlfriend’s family and friends so that they don’t drive you nuts – and they don’t wind up managing YOU. Get on their good side – and have her friends defending her FOR you when you’re not around…
  • 9 Losing Strategies that turn women off and will guarantee that your girlfriend will lose interest in you – and how you can avoid making these mistakes yourself…
  • The Big “C” Word: Communication! You hear about it all the time, but no one seems to know what this means for a guy who wants to keep his girlfriend happy. I’ll explain completely how you communicate with women effectively, including: What to talk about, what to NEVER talk about, when to talk about it, and how women communicate…
  • How to know when your girlfriend is lying to you…
  • It’s been shown that after an argument, women often feel much less attraction to their boyfriends. I will give you a complete strategy on how to handle conflicts and arguments so that the issue gets resolved once and for all (no repeat attacks!), your woman feels even more attracted to you than before, and you remove all the drama from your life…
  • The 7 Rules of how to handle disagreement with women so that you never trigger her anger – and you still get the great make-up sex after…
  • The “M” word: Marriage. Do you want it? SHOULD you want it? I’ll explain everything you need to know if you’re considering moving in or taking your girlfriend to the next level. I’ll also show you the 9 reasons you never want to marry a woman – and the 6 signs that a woman is settling for you rather than slavishly desiring you… (And that’s what you want – desire!)
  • Keeping the sex hot! You have a right to a fulfilling sex life with your girlfriend that lives up to your fantasies, and I’ll show you why it slows down, why women hold back on sex, and how to make her come to you begging for more…
  • All the “relationship” self-help authors tell you that you need to have compatibility – and it seems obvious that you need her to be a good match for you. BUT I’ll reveal the one critical element of “compatibility” that you really need – and how the gurus have this one all wrong…
  • Have you ever been with a girl where things just needed to be rejuvenated and kicked back into exciting again? I’ll show you my simple 3 step plan that you can use in any situation to light the fire again – including the 3 essential tactics that win her back over…
  • 7 Simple Steps to change a nagging girlfriend back into a gentle, purring pussycat that respects and loves you unconditionally…
  • The 10 Relationship Killers – how to spot them before they torpedo what you’ve got with your girlfriend…
  • Guys hate breakups. Unfortunately, it’s because women are the ones who usually initiate them. You’re going to discover how to read the signs, and if you need to, execute an easy 3-step process to get yourself out of a losing relationship so that you leave with your dignity and self-esteem intact!
  • Got a girlfriend you just can’t seem to get over? Years back I discovered a simple 3-step system for getting her out of your head – and your heart. I’ll expose this technique for the first time here, and also show you how to never feel jealous about her – or any other women – ever again…


Guide To Understanding Women – And Female Psychology – a complete map to your girlfriend’s brain:

  • I’ll reveal 5 simple methods for figuring out what kind of a woman she is, and how to respond to her. You’ll also discover which woman is the most compatible with you…
  • 9 out of 10 women are insecure about this ONE area of their lives. If you know how to handle it, you’ll avoid 90% of the chaos and emotional storms with your girlfriend. I’ve used this for years, and it’s my Golden Trick that always works on women…
  • Discover the 5 Stages Of Breakdown: There are five crystal-clear stages to any relationship with a woman. I’ll show you how to identify each, and what to do if you find yourself in any of them so that you never lose your girlfriend because you missed the road signs…
  • What women want from men – the SIX essential behaviors she’s looking for from you – and how you reveal them so that she never questions your Alpha status – and NEVER thinks about “trading up.”
  • The 3 essential Girlfriend Strategies of the Alpha Man – How to stay in control in the dominant role – and always “wear the pants…”
  • Watching your girlfriend’s body language is absolutely critical for predicting her moods and knowing where you stand. I’ll reveal the 19 negative body language signs – and the 12 positive indications so that you know what she’s thinking…
  • What’s wrong with her now…?” In this special section, I’ll disclose the 4 reasons your girlfriend is acting weird – and why, so that you can know exactly how to react and manage the situation…
  • The Wild Card – How to handle any random mood swing in a woman so that you’re never confused and you never lose control again…
  • 18 signs that she’s checking out – or about to leave the relationship – from the earliest stage to the end so that you know where you are and how to save it (or leave)…
  • 5 Steps to spot women’s inner emotional signals…
  • So you want to win her back? If you don’t want to move on, and this girlfriend is worth saving, I’ll show you how to do it in this simple 4-Step Plan…
  • And much MUCH more…


BONUS: How to choose women wisely – In this bonus from David Shade, you’ll learn:

  • Why your previous relationships with women went like they did and how to make your future girlfriends truly successful and exciting…
  • The critical factor in whether or not you’ll be able to keep your girlfriend or not…
  • Why women bring drama into your life, and how to keep it out for good…
  • How to spot and target women that will make you happy instead of drain your soul and leave you in despair…
  • How “respect” gets confused with “nice” – and how to know which one to give her…
  • The 9 traits of the confident man that a woman is looking for from you – and the 6 negative “jerk” traits that you must avoid…
  • Discover the intense sexual feelings a woman is looking for – and that she will always crave from you…
  • How “jerks” create “drama queens” – and how you give her just the right amount of attention and excitement to keep things balanced just right…
  • Three simple tests to see if your girlfriend – or the woman you just met – is worth your time and attention. This priceless technique is like having a crystal ball and seeing the future with her – and knowing if it will work out or not…
  • And much MUCH more…


BONUS: How To Keep Your Girlfriend Sexually Entranced – Sex Secrets from David Van Arrick – where we reveal:

  • What a woman is thinking when you meet her – and how she projects on you to figure out if you’re the one she wants or not…
  • The secret of the “2 Checklists” – how we create or destroy sexual chemistry – and how you can make her “hyper-responsive” to you and accelerate the passion…
  • The “Oxytocin” secret that most men don’t know creates the three “fetishes” of love, arousal, and addiction…
  • How the “Rule of Three” worksto create an inner obsession and addiction to you within a woman…
  • How you can use “sexual reciprocity” to keep her happily satisfying your sexual needs – all while keeping her happy with you…
  • The big mistake of sex that most guys miss – and it’s something that guys work on too hard. You’ll be able to relax and not worry about “performing” for her anymore, stop wasting energy on stuff that doesn’t work, and make her happy in bed…
  • Four simple “tricks” that will allow you to last at least twice as long in bed with a woman and prolong your girlfriend’s pleasure as long as you like…
  • How to make her feel ten times as satisfied with sex by a simple tweak of position that gives her the sensation of being “filled” all the way…
  • The secrets of “sexual energy massage” – how it works, and where to touch her – and this is one place you would never have thought was an erotic zone on a woman…
  • Two powerful zones of sensitivity on a woman that – when you find them – will turn her into putty in your hands..
  • And much MUCH more…


  • BONUS: Forever Attraction – How To Create Deep Connection So That Your Woman Will Never Even Think Of Cheating Or Leaving You With Adam Gilad where we reveal:
  • The one major factor in whether a woman will stay with you or leave – and how to cultivate it with your girlfriend…
  • The critical warning signs to look out for so that you don’t wind up with a woman who disrespects you and bankrupts you – emotionally, spiritually, and financially…
  • Two “small” mistakes with women that you think are harmless but can explode into disaster…
  • Three ways that you can create the kind of relationship with a woman where she will go from feeling “so-so” about you to falling completely in love with you…
  • Ever been pulled into one of THOSE conversations – where she wants to talk about something heavy and important that you aren’t prepared for? We’ll give you one simple strategy that will allow you to avoid a fight when you know you just can’t listen to her…
  • The “Joker” technique – the one simple thing you can do to have your own “get out of jail free” card for any argument or mistake you make with your girlfriend. This one has saved my butt a dozen times, and it’s guaranteed to save yours…
  • And much MUCH more…


BONUS: Cheat-Proof Your Relationship – How To Keep Your Woman Faithful – With Marni Kinrys of WingGirl Method – where we reveal:

  • A woman’s biggest fear when she becomes your girlfriend is to become the “wife” and there won’t be any sexual passion. Marni reveals the specific ways that a man makes her feel safe and faithful to her man – from her real life experience…
  • Why women cheat – the reason that a woman will be unfaithful to you – and how you make sure this never happens to you…
  • The one way women unintentionally lead men on from their “social conditioning” and how to recognize it when it happens…
  • How you can install your own “emotional insurance policy” with your girlfriend that gives her a complete sense of safety around you…
  • Ever had a woman test you?Want to know why it happens and where it comes from? Marni explains why women do this, and a startling fact about testing that you probably never knew…
  • How to turn the mistake of accidentally disregarding your girl’s feelings completely around so she forgives you in seconds – instead of another long, painful argument that leaves you sleeping alone…
  • Ever see your girl struggling with something and you want to step in and help? Hey, it’s what guys do best. But you know that she won’t appreciate the gesture, and she actually will push you away if you do this. Find out how you can get past her defense mechanisms and show her without triggering her anger and withdrawal…
  • How far will a woman go and not consider it cheating? Find out this and much MUCH more in this Master Class with Marni Kinrys…


BONUS: How To Keep Your Woman Hopelessly Attracted To You – With Scot McKay – where we reveal:

  • The Four Big Benefits of having a girlfriend in your life – and how you make it work, without getting tired of her – and she doesn’t get bored or tired of you…
  • The Four Biggest Mistakes guys make in relationships – including the one that most guys miss when it comes to girlfriends…
  • Five Methods to keep a woman into you – and attracted to only you – and handle any of the commotion and turmoil without losing your mind…
  • How to keep things novel and fun in the bedroom without losing interest in her – and the shocking truth about long-term sexual attraction…
  • And much MUCH more…


BONUS: How To Build A Better Girlfriend With Mark Cunningham

  • The one trait you want to look for in your girlfriend that will save you 90% of the hassle that most men experience in their relationships…
  • Discover the foundation of the hypnotic techniques Mark uses with his patients to overcome self-limiting behaviors and negative thinking…
  • Mark will show you the flawed social programming we guys share that keeps us from meeting exceptional women, and getting the success we deserve…
  • How to create a natural “trance state” with women that allows her to lower her defenses and trust herself to you – without any kind of tricks or hypnosis…
  • The truth about the “Primary” – how a guy can be assured that his woman will only love him and never have room for anyone else…
  • The critical principle of how to create lasting change in your life – so that it sticks with you and you don’t fall back into old habits…
  • A simple technique to condition your girlfriend to feel warm and soothed by your voice and presence – and practically guarantee she will walk through fire to return the favor back to you…
  • And much MUCH more…


BONUS: Zero Drama Dating – How To Avoid The Nonsense And B.S. With Women, For Good! – With Lance Mason

  • The 3 quick and easy things you must “plug in” to your girlfriend to go further with her than she has ever gone with another man, and earn her undying – and almost SLAVISH – devotion…
  • The “Unreasonable Expectation” technique to create a really amazing girlfriend – so that she will not only appreciate you, but you’ll inspire her to keep earning your attention…
  • An example of playful banter that creates the kind of fun, spontaneous atmosphere that will have a woman giving you “fun times” in bed. (Of the oral variety… Shhh!)
  • The “Bubble” – How to create an intimate zone with your girlfriend where she gets to let down her guard and be a playful little girl with you – so that you not only keep her addicted to you, but you also create a unique fantasy world that she will never want to escape…
  • How to turn any small annoyance or negative thing about your girlfriend into something fun – and correct her behavior at the same time…
  • Three simple questions that – if you answer them – will give you complete ownership and control of your relationship – and make your girlfriend euphoric in the process…
  • The “Reset the Chess Board” strategy for resolving conflicts and issues, and getting everything with your girlfriend back on track again…
  • And much MUCH more…


BONUS – Uncensored: How To Keep Your Girlfriend Sexually Entranced With Alex Allman

  • The 3 essential elements to lasting success in bed with any woman – so that you don’t turn into some “replaceable” element in her sex life…
  • How men create more problems for themselves than really exist – and how to avoid the one big mistake of sexual trust…
  • A complete 10 Step Plan to ensure a woman has an orgasm with you (that can’t be faked) and you satisfy her both physically and emotionally in bed every time – from start to finish…
  • One unbelievably simple technique that requires almost NO motion from you, but will yield a huge zone of intense pleasure for a woman – and you!
  • When it comes to stimulating a woman, there’s one area that men get wrong than any other – and it can immediately end the sex for you. Alex reveals this mistake, and how to never make this error…
  • One of the biggest mistakes a man can make in bed is being too tentative and hesitant with a woman. The other big mistake is one that will completely kill a woman’s feeling of sexual attraction. Find out what it is in this session with Alex Allman
  • And much MUCH more…


JUST ADDED Thursday, Aug 20, 2020: Special Bonus!

You’ll get additional surprise bonus tips and strategies from:

  • Marni from Wing Girl Method
  • Karen Brody – Seduction Secrets 101
  • Up Your Attraction – Josh R.
  • The Guru Black Book Exclusive Tips

Good until: Saturday, Aug 22, 2020.


You’ll Get This Whole Program

For A Very Special

One-Time Discount…

These classes are part of my core seminar programs that I usually charge over $7900 for. This high-level class includes coaching and personal guidance, as well as access to a special part of my coaching forum where I answer questions one-on-one.

Now, I knew that most guys probably couldn’t afford the larger course, so what I did was strip out the weekly coaching calls and the personal guidance on the phone. Chances are, you won’t need that – and if you do, you can still sign up for my Platinum Coaching at a later date.

I also took the CDs, DVDs, and workbooks, and instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on duplication (which would jack up the cost for you), I created a downloadable version of this program that you can access in just a couple of minutes. Yes, right away!

So I managed to get the cost of this down from $7997 for you all the way down to $1997. (Hang on – I’ve got a special introductory offer for you today…)

But that’s not all you’re going to get. I’ve got even more secrets and strategies to give you in this system…

I’ve pulled together another 8 hours of audio where you’ll discover secrets and techniques from myself and other master gurus on attraction on how to avoid all the pain of relationships – and ensure that women never leave you.

Here are some of the bonus programs included in the “Masters Series” Stealth Techniques section of the program:

The Secret Reasons Why Women Have Sex

– Bonus Seminar…

I’ve arranged for you to get my special audio course, the “Secret Reasons Why Women Have Sex.”

Here’s a quick preview of what you’re going to get in your bonus “Secret Reasons Why Women Have Sex” program:

  • Ever wonder what a woman is thinking? You’re going to see how a woman’s “emotional logic” works – and how she makes her mind up about you…
  • The key mental block that you must destroy if you are ever to succeed with women – and it’s one that most guys never know they have…
  • The shocking truth about a woman’s sex drive – and what her top priority is for sex – including the two sides of her decision to have sex with you…
  • What the “No-Fly Zone” is – and why you should avoid women who are in it…
  • What a woman’s sexual justification mechanism is and how women use it to either frustrate or please you…
  • The ugly truth about women and cheating – and what you don’t know about her “secret life…”
  • The hidden “Competition Drive” of women, and how you can use it to motivate women to chase after you…
  • The “masculine qualities” that all women are looking for in men – and the truth about what women think about you…
  • You’ll discover the 7 critical physical elements that turn a woman on – and how you use them to create desire in the woman you want…
  • The top reasons that women choose to have sex – and how you use this to your advantage – without having to trick her or act like a jerk to get physically intimate…
  • How to play the “confidence” game with women – why you need to be confident, how confident you really need to be, and what a woman sees in the first 7 seconds of meeting you…
  • And much MUCH more…

What This Program IS:

This is a step-by-step blueprint for keeping your girlfriend so attracted to you that you will literally get tired of sleeping with her and need to tell her NO from time to time. I’m not trying to be funny here. I’ve had several women who just became so needy about sex that I had to declare “time out” days for us to just chill out.

I’m not complaining about that. And when you realize that women will fall into this pattern when you handle them correctly, you’ll have a nice “high quality” problem, too.

Oh, and for you guys that are already in a relationship out there – this stuff works on ALL women. Girlfriends, your wife, doesn’t matter.

What This Program Is NOT:

This program is not about enslaving women or hypnotizing them.

This is not a program that is negative or belittling to women in any way. If you’re not familiar with my reputation of teaching, I never represent women as anything but fantastic and wonderful human beings.

This is also not about tricking or deceiving women.

The thing most guys never learn is that when you use deceptive methods to keep a woman, it will always backfire on you. That’s why you won’t find any kind of “subliminal” messages to use on your woman.

It’s also not a system for meeting women or approaching women. I’ve already covered that completely in my other programs. And, honestly, you probably need less help with that – and more help with how to keep her attracted to you after you meet her.

This program is about how to keep her into you – obsessed and infatuated with you like an addict needing her next “fix.”

But I bet you’re wondering…

Why Should You Listen To Me?

What makes me so special? What qualifies me to teach you how to train your girlfriend and take back the power in your relationship?

The simple truth is:

  • Unlike other “seduction gurus” and “pickup artists,” I specialize in showing men how to get the kind of long term relationships they desire. Not just one-night-stands.
  • I have made it my “hobby” to experience relationships of all kinds, from 5 hours to 5 years. I’ve got the time and experience of over 20 years dating women… and KEEPING women.
  • I’m currently in a successful relationship where my girlfriend is literally ADDICTED to me. In her words, I make her “feel like a teenager again…”
  • I’ve been studying the “art of attraction” now for over 15 years, and I’ve been coaching men all over the world for almost 9 years through my programs.
  • I’m not proud of it, but I’ve had more than a few affairs with married and “attached” women. I listened to them explain the horrible truth about why they lost attraction with their husbands and boyfriends they were with. I know all the ways that guys make mistakes, and what leads women like this to cheat. So it will NEVER have to happen to you!

So Why The “Stealth” approach?

Because any obvious method you use will be met with resistance, and tests, and a lot of painful conflict. If you’ve ever tried to get someone to do something for you with force before, you probably know how those techniques just don’t work. That’s why most of those relationship self-help books always leave you in more pain than when you started.

If you have to “talk it out” with a woman, you’re in for a hard fight in The Cage, my friend. Guess which one wins in the fight of words vs. emotions?

Emotions, every time. And they’re always HER emotions that walk away with the trophy.

They are “stealth” techniques because she won’t ever realize until it’s too late that she’s getting a higher quality relationship than any of her girlfriends. (And yes, she’ll brag to them – and they’ll be keeping an interested eye on you.)

And believe me, by that point, she WILL NOT CARE how she got there!

Oh, and one more thing:

This system will not help you until you get it and USE IT.

So please do yourself a favor and get the program right away so you can start learning these secret techniques… before some other guy does.

“What If I Don’t Have A Girlfriend Right Now?”

Well, here’s the straight truth: There’s a reason you don’t have the right woman in your life. Whether it’s because you had to break up with her because she was a bad choice, or she broke up with you – you need to know why this happened so that you can:

1) Choose the right woman next time, AND…

2) Know exactly how to keep her interested in you when you find a quality girlfriend you don’t want to lose.

That’s why I created The Girlfriend Training Program. So that you would never have to worry about having to deal with 99% of the B.S. that most guys out there have to deal with out there.

And that’s why this information is so essential for EVERY man, regardless of his “relationship status” on Facebook.

So if you’ve got a woman and you want to keep her hot for you, or you want a woman and need to make sure you avoid most of the mistakes by choosing her right from the start – The Girlfriend Training Program will help you.



365 Day DOUBLE Guarantee

I am so sure of your success with this program I guarantee it 2 times in 2 different ways:

GUARANTEE 1: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with “The Girlfriend Training Program” – even if you don’t like the shirt I’m wearing or the tone of my voice on the recordings, just send me a personal email any time in the next 365 days for a full prompt refund and I will insist you keep all of my bonus gifts for you FREE just for giving “The Girlfriend Training Program” an honest evaluation.

Wait – there’s more…

GUARANTEE 2: Simply implement just ONE of the dozens of practices inside “The Girlfriend Training Program” – and if you don’t fee that you have improved your game – I will personally work with you one-on-one until we reach this goal together. If for some reason I fail (and I won’t) I will gladly reach into my own pocket and buy “The Girlfriend Training Program” back from you – and I’ll let you keep the bonuses just for trying the program.

Fair enough?



“Get Immediate Results…”

The very minute you download my step-by-step system, you will be able to start getting results immediately. The Girlfriend Training Program is jam-packed with psychological “tricks” and techniques you can use the moment you read about them.

I lay it all out for you in a step by step, easy to follow system that any man can follow. It’s a blueprint for success with women.

I get e-mails all the time from my clients telling me how shocked they were at how simple and effective the information is and how practical and immediately useful the secrets, techniques, and strategies are.

Not only that, but I shaped the information to get right to the point – and to give you information junkies more than your fill. I trimmed out all the “fluff” but gave you several different ways to experience the program.

You’ll get the program in video, audio, and in a set of reference ebooks that details the system step-by-step and that you can refer to over and over. You’ll also get my original Attraction Maps™ blueprints that you can use to see how the information is all connected in the big picture.

There’s a ton of tips, tactics, strategies, and techniques – and it’s all easy to consume and use right away. Get the fast information from the notes, or take your time with the videos. Listen to the audio while you’re in your car, or on your iPod. You choose the way you want to devour this program.

You can even access the whole program from your private login in my private VIP online membership site –

AND I’m also going send you a program DVD that you can use in your computer to access the COMPLETE Girlfriend Training Program.

And it’s all available to you INSTANTLY. As soon as you reserve your copy.

This is the meaty, practical, step by step blueprint that can be put into action the minute you start using it.

And Listen To What

Other Guys Have To Say…

“You’re fantastic…”


“…I just bought your Girlfriend Training Program and listened to the Fast-Start part and I must say I’m so excited about your material. You’re fantastic… I’m really happy that I bought your materials… Just what I needed and just when I needed it. And I couldn’t be more thrilled!”




I sat there watching with my jaw dropping…

First of all this is not a “kiss your butt” e-mail but an acknowledge and thank you for creating the “Train Your Girlfriend” program, and my hope is that even if one guy reads this e-mail, that I can save them from what I had to go through.

Let me explain, I have always lead all my relationships in the past and been the dominate one, until this last one! I thought she was everything, this was the only girl I wanted to be with and I fell real hard, real fast! Since I was always dominant, I didn’t STAY ALERT (discussed in the Girlfriend Training program), and our relationship slowly spiraled downward- mostly without me even noticing it! I could feel towards the end I had to do something and I felt like I was in quicksand and falling fast!

My friend let me watch some of the videos from your program “Train Your Girlfriend” and I sat there watching with my jaw dropping. At the end of every video I was shaking my head and I kept repeating to myself….“If only I had seen this earlier, if only I watched this sooner!” I went home and immediately purchased this product because I believe in it so much!

My girlfriend did end things, by the time I got through everything in the program… was just too late. I am just about to close the chapter on that girl and the only thing left to do is write this e-mail to you. I want to sincerely thank you for this product and know that the next time “Oh baby, it will be different!” 🙂

Honestly though all I want is for even 1 guy to read this and be saved from what I had to feel and endure. I know in my heart that if I had program when we started going out, I would not be typing this e-mail right now.”

Jeremy W.

The first thing I thought was ‘bullsh*t!’

“Today, when I get a girlfriend, I know she’s A) hot, B) fun, and C) MINE!

But it wasn’t always this way…

I’ve been studying how to meet and attract women for years, and getting kinda so-so results. Nothing better than flipping a coin most of the time…

And after I catch one, I usually couldn’t keep her for very long.

So, when I saw Carlos’ program for “The Girlfriend Training Program,” the first thing I thought was ‘bullshit’! There’s no way this guy can teach me anything that could work that good. and it sounded like it promised more than it could deliver…

PLUS it sounded like some kind of woman-hating thing, and I’m not into that. But I heard that Carlos Xuma was one of the big names, and I thought, what the hell. (It’s guaranteed, after all)

I love this program, man! I wouldn’t even THINK of giving it up now.

I finally managed to figure out what the hell I was doing to scare women off, AND now I’m totally in control in my relationship – for once!

I realize that Carlos’ program isn’t about training some chick like a dog… it’s about making her value ME, respect ME, and make ME happy just as much as I do for her.

I didn’t believe him, but I’m happy I proved myself wrong by keeping my girlfriend “trained” to stay with me and stay happy, too…

Really, this program is what every guy out there HAS to have to survive with his girlfriend…

Namaste, man! You rock…”

Brian Callazo, St. Louis, MO

“This program is rock solid!”

“This program is rock solid! The awareness it gave me saved me a few times when I was in a relationship with an old girlfriend that was getting rocky. It was like I could see things before they were happening, and this in itself helped my better understanding about the situation.

I sort of fell into Xuma’s material from a random e-mail I received from David Wygant talking about the Girlfriend Training Program – which turned out to be the best investment in this area I’ve made.

I’ve tried other programs, and by far Carlos’s is the best! I still see it like a secret weapon because I know a lot of friends who study the Mystery Method or David D’s stuff, which is great, but Carlos’s is the absolute best. The GTP is still my favorite…”

Mike F. – Hamlin, NY

“She had lost interest in me…”

“Hi Carlos. I just missed this program… Over the weekend I was being kicked out of my girlfriend’s house for exactly the reasons I found in your videos… she had lost interest in me. So I did not get a chance to get on the net over the weekend, serious bummer!

I seriously need some help here, I turn into an absolute idiot in relationships and they always go down this spiral of mutually losing interest in each other. It sucks, I don’t want it to happen again.

Is there any chance I could be a later order? I would really like to get this part of my life handled. Thanks!”

Damien B.

“Great program, great results…”

“… LOVING THE GREAT CONTENT. Since I bought the Girlfriend Training Program (great program. great results. The women in my life are shaping up and surpassing my expectations because I manned up and took action and did it. Grew a a pair of balls and actually did it.)”

Albert C.

“I owe you my life, man…”

“By the way, I purchased the Girlfriend Training Program a couple of months ago and have been using it daily. My girlfriend used to tell me ever so often that I’m the best boyfriend in the world. Now she tells me almost every time we’re together like five times a day. We really make each other happy and I wouldn’t be with her without you. I owe you my life, man.”

Kevin H.

“My friend I am moved by your stuff…”

“… my friend am moved by your stuff…it is simply the best i have ever encountered in all my years on being part of this community.

…One very cute girl in particular was just amazed at the spontaneous cocky funny stuff that was just spouting out of my mouth! no canned routines whatsoever…just pure improv!”

Jack L. – Montreal

“It’s the product that I’ve been wanting all along…”

“… When I used Carlos’ program, I straightened out my behavior. With guys and girls… I’d tell guys to buy his products before anything else on the list. It’s the product that I’ve been wanting all along but couldn’t find…”

Steve F.

“Grow a pair of balls, get yourself together and take these steps…”

“When I used Carlos’ program he put thing really into a great perspective. He is authentic, and genuine as well as extremely informative. He gave me a kick in the ass, which really helped me localize what to work on with myself.

…Carlos simply put down understandably what made my ex so keen on having me back, even after i kicked her to the curb.

I even applied some of these attitudes at work, and received some more respect from people who would usually be nagging bitches.

Grow a pair of balls, get yourself together and take these steps. You’re not getting younger, and if you wanna avoid seeing your favorite girl humping some badboy hunk be my guest. But the sooner you make these changes, the better it is…”

Simon J.

“They all deliver…”

“… Everything you put out there is great, I bought a lot of your products – and they all deliver…”

Shawn S.

“I can’t thank you enough, man…”

“…Carlos, you’re the MAN… I’m serious man, girls are now looking at me, calling out after me, waving at me in class, approaching ME and want to find out what I’M about.

You helped me go from needy boy to centered man who doesn’t crave attention and give up my energy… and this is all about a WHOLE LOT MORE than just seduction.

Thanks man – Deep Love to you… I can’t thank you enough, man”

Peter K.

“You are absolutely right on…”

TESTIMONIAL FROM A WOMAN: “Carlos, You are absolutely right on about what women want… I have been getting your newsletters and had a chance to listen to a teleseminar you gave just before the Super Conference in Vegas… Keep up the great work!”

Cindy E. – Michigan

“God bless you man…”

“Seriously, you were the first dating guru out there that I both learned and bought from.

Thanks so much for your help in pushing me in the right direction in becoming the Alpha Male I’ve always dreamed of. God bless you man!”

Vince M.

“I will try to pass on some of this knowledge to my son…”

“Thanks and highly appreciated. Moreover, I would like to let you know that I love what I read in your e-mails about male and female psychology re courtship. I wonder sometimes how come most of us, including myself, cannot figure out these things by themselves. … I wish I would have known these things long ago and put them into practice earlier. I will try to pass on some of this knowledge to my son…”

Carl C.

“I Love It!”

“The program is great, I love it! Every single guy should have a copy in his archive…”

David B.

“Worth every buck…”

“For the record, I think these programs I have are great (!) and worth every buck…”

  1. S.

“You will not be dissappointed…”

“I just bought the GTP course not knowing what to expect. This man over-delivers. You will not be dissappointed. He will save you lots of pain!”


“Get The Girlfriend Training Program Today

For Fast Results…”


– To Your Lasting Success With Women…


P.S.: In case you’re just skipping to the end here, or if you really need another reason to grab this offer now, just remember:

  • You get the complete Girlfriend Training Program of over 9 hours of video, and 8 hours of Master Class bonus sessions covering every part of keeping your girlfriend attracted to you, with all the short-cut tips and strategies you will ever need…
  • You get a complete 365 day worry-free guarantee. If you don’t like the program, simply contact me and I’ll get you what you need, or pay you back out of my own pocket. AND you’ll get to keep all the bonus programs in this package as my way of saying thanks for trying it.
  • Click HERE to get started right now…

P.P.S.: Women are not as complicated as you think. In fact, when you discover how to put an end to her mood swings, sexual resistance, and mind games, you’ll be able to read her like a book – and never be surprised or caught off-guard again.

Get more sex, love and affection after you get your exclusive access to my proven Girlfriend Training Program.

P.P.P.S.: Don’t Be TRICKED into thinking: “This can’t work for ME…”

It’s tempting to fall back into limiting beliefs, like “I’m not rich enough,” or “I’m not tall enough,” or any of those excuses. The reality is that I have trained guys in these EXACT principles over and over again, and they have worked for nearly every single man.

My experience has shown that if you wait to get started on the path of learning the right method, chances are you will simply never get started. It’s too easy to procrastinate. You’ll always have a convenient excuse to put it off, right?

If you keep going on the path you are now, without any guidance, you will probably NEVER figure out these secrets on your own. It will take years of mistakes and trial & error. And when you consider how expensive a divorce can be when she can take everything you own, you really can’t afford to go into any relationship with a woman blindly.

Even a girlfriend can drop you cold and stomp on your heart on the way out the door.

(One of my first girlfriends cheated on me with my best friend while he was supposed to be “guarding her” from other guys for me, and then she stole money with my bank card and crashed my car.) You need “crazy bitch” insurance – and the best kind is to train your girlfriend from the very start to respect and appreciate you – and she will never let it go down the drain.

CLICK HERE: To get The Girlfriend Training Program…


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m dating women, but I haven’t got a “girlfriend” right now. Will your Girlfriend Training Program still work for me?

A: Absolutely. While the step-by-step methods described in the program have been “customized” to address the needs of guys who have a girlfriend, they are essential in helping you start things off right with a woman. In fact, it’s probably MORE important that guys who don’t have a girlfriend understand these strategies before things get out of hand.

The most important part of getting a girlfriend is *choosing a high quality woman* – which is a BIG part of this program. I also show you how to transition wherever you are with a woman into making her want you as her boyfriend, including getting out of the friends-only zone with a woman.

Q: The Girlfriend Training Program looks amazing – am I going to have to take a week off and lock myself in a closet to study it?

Like I say in the video, I’ve designed the Girlfriend Training Program as a product “For guys.” That means it’s designed to be digested quickly and to get you results as fast as possible. The main training videos will take you a few hours to go through (though it’s completely possible you’ll want to study them several times or review them on a regular basis.) The “Reference Ebooks” are meant to be used as a reference and “bible” for you and aren’t meant to be read cover to cover. And the “Speed Results” program is designed to get you started right away and keep you motivated. Order the system today and you’ll be training your girlfriend, getting rid of the B.S., and building attraction right away.

Cutting to the chase: You’ll be able to start putting the system to use right away as you start using it. So no reading “War and Peace” or anything like that.

Q: I don’t like “theories,” can I still use this?

A: Definitely. The Girlfriend Training Program is packed full of “done-for-you” example and ideas. Most of the program is PRACTICAL stuff you can actually use right away without having to study a bunch of theory. While you’ll undoubtedly want to “adapt” some stuff to make it really work for your girlfriend – or the women you’re interested in, you won’t be bogged down in a bunch of theory.

As I like to say “The system works so you don’t have to.”

Q: Will your system work for guys who have been with a woman for a loooong time, too?

A: Yup. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with your woman for a year or fifty years. The technology is new, but the principles I teach you are absolutely timeless. What women want from men really doesn’t change.

Q: How soon can I expect to see results with your system?

A: That really depends on how committed you are to doing this and how “coachable” you are right now.

Some guys who are already pretty close say this stuff is like a blast of napalm – getting her really addicted to you almost immediately. Couples who have drifted apart might take a bit longer to start seeing results.

Once you put the simple 3-Step Process to work for you in the Girlfriend Training Program, you should start seeing some changes in her behavior almost immediately.

Q: I’m from (Insert country here). Will this program work for me?

A: “Probably.”

If you’re from a “Western” culture everything in The Girlfriend Training Program (GTP) should work like gangbusters. In some other countries the “code” of how women and men interact is slightly different. The main principles should translate well, but you’ll need to adapt some of the techniques and application to fit your culture.

Q: I’d really like to order your system as it really looks amazing. I’m a bit nervous about using my credit card online though. How safe is it really?

A: That’s a perfectly understandable concern. I was nervous the first time I bought something online too, but online ordering has come a LONG way since then. In fact, ordering online via credit card is now considered safer and more secure than many traditional forms of payment (ordering over the phone, etc.)

Our merchant account (through uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information from being viewed by third parties. Even as the website owner, I don’t have access to the credit card information you use to place your order. On top of that, is one of the most popular and frequently used online credit processing companies in the world today for downloadable products. Rest assured, your transaction with is secure and safe.

Q: How do I actually get the program? You say it’s delivered by video, do you send me a DVD or . . . ?

Great question. After you order, we’ll create an account in my online membership site. Once you log in to the site, you’ll be able to watch the videos online whenever you want. You’ll also be able to play the MP3 audio files.

You’ll also be able to download the e-books of the Girlfriend Training Program to your hard drive, as well as all the mind-maps from the program.

What’s an e-book?

An e-book or a digital book is simply an electronic version of a book that you download and save to your computer. Instead of going to the bookstore or waiting for the mail to deliver a hard copy book, you get instant access to your product through the magic of the internet. (It’s a lot like using a “Kindle” if you’ve seen one of those. But you don’t need a special device to read the ebooks.)

You’ll only need the Adobe PDF reader to view these downloads, which is installed on most newer computers – and free to everyone.

Once you place your order, you’ll be taken to a page with instructions on how to access the Girlfriend Training Program materials right away.

You’ll also receive a DVD copy of the videos and audio that I’ll send you with all the information contained in the program that you can watch and listen to on your home computer – PC or Mac. I’ll even include the audiobook versions that you can listen to on your iPod and the MP3 versions you can listen to on ANY player you want.

So you’ll get all three formats: video, audio, and ebook!

You might be ready to get started now. If so, just click the “Add To Cart” button you see below and you’ll be digging into the system (and completely changing the way you interact with your girlfriend) in just a few short minutes.

And remember, you get 365 full days to check out the system and decide if it’s for you. If not, just email me (you’ll get my private online email form as part of the program) and I’ll issue a full refund and thank you for trying it out.

No shenanigans. No fine print.

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