Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum

Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum

Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum

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Archive : Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum Digital Download
Salepage : Carlos Xuma – Secrets of the Alpha Man – Platinum
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This program offers high-quality coaching, tips, exercises, examples, and strategies for you to develop the skills and confidence you need to meet single women.

Killer Techniques To Attract Women With Your NATURAL Alpha Male Qualities…

If You’ve Ever Felt The Agonizing Sting Of Rejection From A Woman, Now You Can Effortlessly Attract Women – Even If You’re Not Rich Or Good-Looking

eBook contains:

– 17 traits of the Alpha Man

– The 7 core character virtues

– Understanding what the Alpha Man is

– Four exercises to bring out your inner warrior

– The truth about your level of self-confidence

– The right way to make eye contact with women

– Five ways to communicate your value to a woman

– Exercises to tune your voice and train your speech

– How to socialize and network to meet women

– The 2-step process of overcoming personal challenges

– How to open up a conversation with multiple women at once

– Why looks are the least important part of your Alpha Lifestyle

– 5 essential body language indicators a woman is looking for

– How to compensate for your shortfalls and perceived weaknesses

– Ten words that will communicate massive power and confidence

Audio CDs contain:

Disc 1

– Opening

– Why you need to be an Alpha Man

– The Nice Guy syndrome

– The Nice Guy pt II

– How you became a Nice Guy

– How you became a Nice Guy pt II

– Definition

– Removing Anger

– Preparation

– Positive Qualities Exercise

– The Power of Persistence/Buying Temperature

Disc 2

– Attitude

– Feeling Good

– Don’t Help Women

– How to Meet Women

– Alpha Body Language

– Cold Reading Technique

– Cold Reading pt II

– Keeping Your Mental Distance

– Keeping Emotional Boundaries Set

Disc 3

– Introduction to Interview

– Interview pt I

– Interview pt II

– Interview pt III

– Proximity Science

– Self-Confidence Improvement

– Look Her Over

Disc 4

– Handling Rejection

– Introducing Yourself

– Opening Sets

– Sexual Energy

– Emotional Leverage

– The Politics of Haggling

– Patience

– Strength and Impatience

Disc 5

– Removing Your Fear

– Power and Subordination

– Sexual Attitudes

– Conversational Power

– Discomfort

– Discomfort pt II

– Friends

Disc 6

– One That Got Away Syndrome

– Lacunas

– Giver/Taker

– Diagnosing Your Game

– Diagnosing Your Game pt II

– Diagnosing Your Game pt III

– Critical Success Factors

– Closing.

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