Captain Jack – The Pickup Scientist

Captain Jack – The Pickup Scientist

Captain Jack – The Pickup Scientist

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Pickup Scientist: Monumental Improvements By Observation, Action and Experimentation


The Training Materials and Webinars Are Covering the Following Subjects:

– Understand WHAT is Actually Happening and Discover What to Do Next

– Turn Each Day or Night Out Into Real Learning Which Improves You Exponentially

– Utilize the Feedback The Women Are Giving You to Get BETTER Each Time You Go Out UNTIL They Are Insanely and Quickly Attracted To You

– Get Direct and Specific Feedback From Captain Jack on What is Happening in YOUR Interactions

– Discover The Shortest Path Known from Meet To Lay – for YOUR specific circumstances in life.

– Learn How to SEE The Situations Around You Through ‘The Sexual Opportunity Lens’

– Spot Sexually Frustrated Women from a Mile Away and Approach Them in A Way That Lets Them Know YOU Are The Key to Relieving that Frustration

– Gain a Tool to Discover Your Own ‘Blind Spots’ So They Stop You From Seeing the Women Who Are THROWING Themselves at You

– How to Show Her That YOU Are Her Best Option RIGHT NOW and She Should Snatch it Up Before Some Other Girl Does

– How to Train Your Mind So You Automatically Choose the BEST Behavior When Interacting With a Woman

– Failure Eraser: Remove Past Failures So They No Longer Affect Your Behavior or Thinking

– How to “Warp Reality” So You Move Through It Emanating Pure Sexuality and PULLING Women Towards You With It

– A Few Sneaky Methods for Getting a Woman to Think About You Constantly (this is only recommended for women you want to see more than once!)

– How to Create a Solid ‘Baseline’ Game Plan That Gives You The Best Chance to Succeed

– Email Access To Captain Jack for Six Weeks to Give Feedback on Any of Your Interactions or to Ask Questions About any of The Tools or Materials

– Plus. since this is a FEEDBACK and COACHING program we’ll handle anything you run into!


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